The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) experienced a cyberattack, but no sensitive information related to rocket and satellite operations was accessed.

The attack exploited a vulnerability in network equipment.

JAXA learned of the unauthorized access after being informed by an external organization and conducting an internal investigation, though the external organization’s name was not disclosed

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno mentioned the incident, indicating that JAXA suspected a breach, possibly in its Active Directory implementation.

As a result, JAXA shut down part of its network, including an intranet, and sought assistance to assess the incident’s extent. The Japanese government has requested JAXA to implement countermeasures, and initial investigations suggest no sensitive information was stolen.

The government reported that the cyberattack likely involved unauthorized access to a network server.

JAXA was unaware of the breach, which might have occurred during the summer, until they were contacted by police this fall.

So far, no data leaks have been confirmed.

The government and relevant authorities are investigating to identify the source of the attack, the scope of the damage, and any vulnerabilities in JAXA’s security systems.